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September 2, 2022



      No matter where you are, right now, you are where you are, right now.  And if you are experiencing pain, physical pain, emotional pain, if someone has injured you, or wounded you, in any way, if you have been caught in an accident, and you are not sure what is going to happen, after the collision, if you are caught up in losing your job, or losing a loved one, if you are sick at home, or in the hospital, if you are in a situation that you know your time is near, you are being called Home, the time of passing, no matter where you are, right now, you are where you are, right now.  The experience has come to you, and it is time.  So, as you experience, that which is yours to do, know that it is good to experience what has come to you.  Breathe-in, and let go, and be still, so you will know, and hear, My whisper.  For, it is in the times of challenge, and difficulty, that you draw nearer to Me.  In these times, there is the possibility, that you will feel My arms around you, and know, I AM with thee.  Experience that which is with you, right ow.  Take My hand, and be with Me.

 And The Holy Spirit says:

       When times seem good, and all that comes to you, is as you would hope it to be, you are living, and experiencing, that which you are, right now.  And there is a time for such joy and revelry.  But as you are held, in the arms of delight, feeling so good, both day, and night, remember, oh remember, that in the gentle times of ease, it is more difficult to find time to fall upon your knees, and talk with God.  That is the challenge of the times of ease, to stay close to God, to rest upon your knees, and say thank you.  Drawing nearer to God, in easy times, is not easy.  Remember, the gentle times of ease, and be sure to speak with God, and thank God for the gift of each of these: the times of challenge, and trial, and difficulty, and the times of gentleness, and ease.