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September 1, 2022



      I say unto you, give Me your burdens, worries, fears, and doubts.  There is no need for you to shoulder the load alone.  The truth is, I AM with you, and together there is nothing you cannot do, when I AM beside you: working with you; encouraging you; loving you.  And that is exactly what is happening.  But, since you cannot see Me, physically, there is always the opportunity for doubt to slip in, and muddy, the waters, of My love, for you.  Cast doubt out, for if you do not, it will surely rob you of your glory, the glory that is the union, that is between you and Me.  It is as constant as eternity.  But to fully reap the benefits, of our communion, our union, our oneness, you must free yourself of doubt.

 And The Holy Spirit says:

       Many say it, you might say it.  However, many do not believe, fully, to the point of knowing, and the same might apply to you.  When you believe, to the point of knowing, that God is with you, through all things, you will walk, into the present situation, knowing God is with you to assist you in the passage.  This makes a difference.  There is no hesitation, when you know, and the knowing comes with practice.  Throw off the mantle of doubt today, and practice, walking The Way, with God.  No fear, just joy, in the knowing, that you are never alone.