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August 31, 2022



      I wish for you to rid yourself of anger, animosity, retaliation.  I wish for you to deny these energies a place, within you.  For, once they gain a place, within you, they grow.  And they get stronger.  And they filter everything that is happening to you: even the energies that I AM sending to you; even the messages I AM sending to you; even the signs, and signals sent to you.  They are then sieved, through the filter of anger, animosity, retaliation; and they are changed, sometimes in a few ways, but most often, they are changed to a great degree.  Rid yourself of these harsh energies, and do so in My Light, so that you are free of these thieves in the night, that rob you of The Glory.

 And The Holy Spirit says:

       The very minute you feel you are being the instrument, or the vessel, holding even a spark, a glimmer, of anger, or hatred, sit down, and call upon God, and The Light of God, and cast those energies out: those spirits of anger, and hatred; those spirits of retaliation.  Cast them from you, so they might not find a home, within you, because if they get a foothold, everything that comes to you will be filtered through the spirit energy of anger, and hatred, and retaliation.  And they will not serve you well.  The messages you receive, the signs, the signals they will be altered.  They will be tainted, with anger, and hatred, and retaliation.  Your task is to keep your vessel clean, and clear.  So, cast them from you, so you might hear, The Whisper, from God, from within.