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August 30, 2022



      All soil is not rich, and fertile.  Some soil lacks nutrients.  It is not rich enough to be fertile ground for plants, or seeds.  Some soil is toxic, because of that, which has been put on it, or that, which is put within it.  All soil is not equal.  You can repair the soil.  You can add nutrients to the soil, which is lacking, and you can mix it, and tend it, lovingly, until the environment is fertile.  You can even take the toxic soil, and get a sample, and see what is needed to clean it, thoroughly, and then feed it, properly.  Some soil is lacking in one thing, and some soil lacking in another.  You want to make sure, when you plant, or sow the seeds, that the place, that you select for your garden, is a place of rich, and fertile, soil.

 And The Holy Spirit says:

       All environments are not equal.  There are environments that nurture the spirit, and the heart, and the soul.  They are rich, and fertile, in goodness, and compassion, and kindness, mercy, forgiveness.  Walking into such an environment, is as walking into a heavenly symphony, where all is possible, because the environment is rich, and fertile.  Some environments lack the nourishment.  There is something missing.  But if you take the time, to introduce compassion, and kindness, forgiveness, love, into these environments, which are lacking, they too will become rich, and fertile.  There are toxic environments, which have been poisoned, by the elements of darkness, and shadow.  But for those willing to shine The Light of God onto, and into, these environments, and patiently wait, and see, how thoroughly The Light of God can be, to cleaning these toxic energies, and bringing forth an environment, which is also rich, and fertile.  Do not set down your roots in any environment, but the environment, which is rich, and fertile.