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August 29, 2022



      The waves of the ocean splash upon the sandy shores of the beach, which is waiting to receive that, which the waves will deliver.  Sometimes, it is seaweed, and sometimes it is foam.  Sometimes, it is crabs, and other creators of the sea, which are deposited, on the beach, to be seen by thee.  Sometimes, they scatter and scurry, here and there, waiting for the next wave to take them back to, from which they came.  Sometimes, they bury themselves, in the sand, and wait for the ocean to give them a hand, with a giant wave, which will take them back to the lap of the sea.  The foam is often retrieved by the waves, but sometimes, it is lifted-up by the wind and scattered.  The Kingdom of Heaven is as an unending sea, and as the wave touched the Earth, you were deposited, by a watery hand, to be given a name, and seen by those of Earth, for a while, only to be retrieved, by another wave, which will enfold you, and carry you back to, from whence you came.

 And The Holy Spirit says:

       All you need do is look around, in nature, to see examples of what is.  And, it is beautiful, crabs, and starfish, and shells, deposited on the beach, to be seen by thee, knowing, with the coming of a wave, or two, they will return to the lap of the sea.  Sometimes, individuals come along, and pick them up, and take them home, and that of the sea, finds themselves in a material home, for a while.  But The Plan will not fail neither the things of the sea, nor you.  You will be gathered-up, enfolded, and carried back to, from whence you came, be it the creatures of the sea, or you.