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August 28, 2022



      When raindrops roll down your windowpane, distorting the view through the glass, now clouded with condensation, it is difficult to see, with clarity.  But soon, the light of the sun, brightens the day, and dries the raindrops, and the condensation, from the windowpane.  With the coming of the light, clarity is restored, and you can see.  You can see each blade of grass, each flower, each leaf on the trees, without distortion.  You can see, with clarity, as you did before the rain set in.

 And The Holy Spirit says:

       There will come to each of you, times of sorrow, and sadness, times of pain, and tears, and this is not the time to make decisions, but to be still, and sit with God.  In the quiet, you will hear the whisper.  In the stillness, you will feel The Wisdom of The Holy Spirit well-up, from within you.  And as you sit, in The Presence of God, The Light of The Son will dry the tears, which once clouded your eyes, and rolled down your cheeks, and the time of sorrow, and sadness, will be lifted.  With the coming of The Light, you will rise-up, knowing The Wisdom of God, which you learned, in stillness, and quiet, sitting with God, throughout the time of sorrow, and sadness, pain, and tears, until there came The Light.