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June 23, 2022


Those who desire to do my will and walk out their purpose upon the Earth receive instructions from me. I send instructions through signs, through dreams, through visions, and through my Holy Spirit within you who whispers words of wisdom, words of knowledge, words of instruction. When you receive these messages, do not delay in following the instructions. Do not ignore the instructions. Do not doubt. For I am guiding and directing your path. When you hear the whispers, when you attune to the nudges, when you pay attention to the signs, and do that which you are being instructed to do, then you will feel joy and satisfaction—for you will be walking in the will of your Heavenly Father and completing the mission of your life.

And the Holy Spirit says:

Pay attention. Pay attention. I AM speaking. Do not ignore my voice. Do not discount my voice. The instructions are good. The instructions are helpful. The instructions bring life and love upon the Earth. Listen. Do as you are instructed, and receive the blessing that comes from walking in The Way.