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June 24, 2022


Busyness saps your strength. Busyness takes your energy. You must take time to renew your body, your mind, and your spirit. Rest is found in quiet. Quiet your mind, quiet your body, and quiet your spirit. Rest and be renewed. But you must lay aside your busyness—your busyness of mind, your busyness of body, and your busyness of spirit. Sit or lie in quiet and silence, and allow my presence to renew and restore you.

And the Holy Spirit says:

When you are in a hurry, when you are too busy, you cannot know me or hear me for you are distracted by all the things in the physical world around you. I am not physical, I am spirit. To know me, you must sit, be still, and tune into your spirit. Then, you will hear from me. Then, you will feel my presence. Then, you will be renewed and restored. Come today and sit with me.