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June 25, 2022


You hold many plans in your head and in your heart. These plans are good for there is much you wish to do and accomplish. Some of these plans are exactly what I wish for you to do with your time upon the Earth. Other of these plans distract you from that which you were created to do. Before you run ahead and put a plan into motion, seek my guidance. Ask me if the plan that you hold lines up with my plan, with the will of God. When you ask, I will answer. When you receive the answer, then you will know what you need to do to walk out the purpose for which you were created and to fulfill your calling.

And the Holy Spirit says:

Each of you upon the Earth has a purpose, a plan, which was designed before your birth. Each of you has free will. You may choose to create your own plan for your life, and walk in that—or, you may choose the divine path. The path that God has created so that you may carry out the purpose for your time upon the Earth. When you walk in the divine plan, you are fulfilled, and you are satisfied, and you are content. Seek this plan today. Walk with God.