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Advent – December 23, 2023



December 23, 2023

The Twenty First Day of Advent



Thank you for following the season of Advent with me, as just knowing you are there has filled this time with the spirit of hope, trust, and the gift of believing.  You can actually feel it, your participation in Advent.  When I walk down the stairs and enter my little sitting room, the first thing I see is the Advent wreath, with the lights from the tree illuminating it, even in darkness.  The readings have held special meaning for me this year.  And that is important because we have begun a tradition, together.  This is the first season of Advent in my new home, with my son and his family.  It is quite different from The Quiet Place.  It is anything but a quiet place most of the time, but the echo of the laughter of my grandchildren brings joy to my heart.  So, it is appropriate to make a new start, in a new state, in a new town, in a new home where joy and love abound.  The Hand of God has led me from the mountain tops of North Carolina onto the plains of Iowa with so much more to see, with so much more to come to know.  


          On this twenty first day of Advent, 2023, the reading I have chosen is from Luke 1:46-47.

The Reading

December 23, 2023

“And Mary said: “My soul glorifies the Lord 47     and my spirit rejoices in God my Savior.”  Luke 1:46-47

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