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December 24, 2023


          In stillness you shall come to know Me.  So, take yourself away from the clanging and the banging, from the shouting and the shrieking.  You will notice as you depart the din of chaos and confusion that the beat of your heart slows, your breath is deeper, your shoulders no longer tight, they lower, and your entire body relaxes.  When you recognize relaxation within your body go deeper still, leaving the world of man, no longer just physically but spiritually, as well.  You will come to a place in which you are comfortable, be it wood, or glen, stream, or mountain.  And when you have reached this quiet place, be still, and sit, and begin the journey within.  The journey within is not taken in flux but in the calm of peace.  The corridors are as velvet and melodious memories of before are as angel songs, leading you to the chamber door.  My child, it is in stillness you shall come to know Me.

 And The Holy Spirit says:

           Seek the truth in peace and there you shall find it.