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December 23, 2023


          When hours, or days, of quiet stillness, come to you, and they surely will, welcome them with open arms and heart.  For, from this time, allotted you, you will experience peace and joy, which is born within tranquility.  The peace will be full, the joy undefinable.  For, it is in these times when you will be living from the soul, within thee.  The spirit will settle into the calm, and you will know I AM near, without a doubt.  Assign this time the importance worthy of spiritual communication of such depth that its progenitors shall be made known to that which is present, to that which is to come.  You will live either for hours or days, within this holy state.  Do not lift your hands or head to worldly occupation.  In the stillness be, just as you are, be with Me.

 And The Holy Spirit says:

           The quiet chorus shall rise up, from within you, accompanying your journey, within.  Nothing, of the world of man, shall invade the sacred space, as you will remember you are the connector between Heaven and Earth.  You will see it as such, as one, and know The Light.  Be still.  Be quiet.  Be.