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April 15, 2023


      Who are you?  Pause before you respond.  For, you will be tempted, to speak of who you are, defining your body, your brain, the things you have, the things you have done, your family, your friends, where you live, even down to the type of car you possess.  But that is not who you are.  Be still, and let that question move, within you.  Follow it, down the aisle, within you.  Within you, you will find My Spirit, which I sent unto you.  And there, you will receive the answer, from the wisdom, which is, within you.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       You are spirit, first.  Your spirit, the real you, the eternal you, will never pass away.  But the spirit, that is you, does animate the physical body, which you claim is you.  But eventually, the physical body, you think is you, will fall from you, revealing the eternal you.  So, be still.  Sit with Me, and we will answer the question, together, and you will see.  Who are you?