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April 14, 2023



      Let kindness show The Way for all you do today.  The light, you are creating, will lead you, as you make choices of compassion and understanding.  You will be the bringer of light wherever there is shadow, or darkness.  You will not be so tempted to harshness or a mean-spirited approach to a challenging situation.  I AM pouring My love to each of you.  So, let your heart be inundated with My love, today.  Let it over-flow, filling all you do.  Do not be dissuaded by what others might say.  Let kindness show The Way.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       If your day appears to be scattered with difficulties and negativity, do not surrender your kindness to a harsher way.  For the light, you carry, will bring you through, no matter what is ahead of you.  And, as you move, throughout your day, peace will abide, within you.