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April 16, 2023


     “I AM with you.  The day is beginning.  It is filled with opportunities, possibilities; and it is just the beginning of the day.  What will you do, with this opportunity, which has come to you?  The sun is rising.  Even though it might be raining, where you are, the sun is still rising.  You cannot see it, but it is done.  Rise-up, with this new day, and embrace the opportunities, the possibilities, the rising sun, within you.      


      “Let us talk about thinking, believing, and knowing.  And the example I wish to use is a large staircase, going down.  It is wide, and it is winding, and you cannot see around the bend, what lies at the other end, of this staircase, going down.  If you think, you know, where it leads, you might, with hesitation, approach the staircase, and slowly, make your way, one step at a time, looking all around, holding the railing, seeking, some indication of what is below, at the bottom of the staircase. 

      “If you believe something is at the bottom of the staircase because someone might have told you, ‘…at the bottom of the staircase, you will find, a magnificent tree, which is filled with the most succulent fruit, you have ever tasted.’  You might have read about the tree.  You might have seen a movie about the tree.  But all these people, are telling thee, that, at the bottom of the staircase, you will find this magnificent tree.  And you begin to believe it is so.  Now, your approach to the staircase is not as slow as it would be, if you were thinking, there might be something at the bottom of the staircase.  But, because you have been told, by others, who claim they have journeyed, down the staircase, and found the tree, you believe, that the tree is there.  And so, you go.  Your pace quickening, as you descend the staircase. 

      “But for those, who know, without a doubt, what they will find, at the bottom of the staircase, there is the rushing to meet it, the longing to go down, to descend, so that, that which they seek, can be found, at the end, of the staircase.

      “Everyone of you, hearing these words, will find a fit, within one of these scenarios.  It is how you approach most anything you wish to insert there, including the material world around you.  But it is the spiritual realm of which I AM speaking.  You think, you believe, you know.  And where you find yourself, describes how you will approach, and go, to the staircase.  What lies beyond, those first steps, is not revealed.  And so you go, you descend, as your heart leads you, as your knowing leads you, as The Spirit of God, within you, is directing, and guiding, you to go.

      “Once you actively participate, and the staircase journey is your experience, then you travel through the categories from thinking, believing, to knowing.  Because, once it is your experience, then no one can take that knowing from you.  It is your wisdom.  And it grows, within you.  But to grow you must step into a place, willing to experience that, which is set before you.  There is a light at the end of that staircase.  And that light will illuminate all truth.  It is there.  It is for you to go.  Go within and make it so.  Make it your experience.  For, this cannot be done for you.  The experience is meant for you.”