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April 16, 2023



      The path is always clear to Me, unless you have piled-up obstacles, and debris, along The Way.  From My perspective, all things flow from Me.  I do not measure-out My love.  I do not hinder the flow, in any way.  And it flows to each of you, equally, all through the night and day.  So, let your task begin, your mission, let us say, to go within, today, and begin to clear-out the obstacles and debris, so that your part, your place, your path, to Me, is clear.  Do so, without delay.  You will find there are pieces and parts of situations, dealing with people, and occurrences, which need forgiving.  Forgive.  Do not delay the forgiveness.  And the debris, scattered about, are pieces and parts of thoughts, which you might harbor, of ill will towards another, things that you might have done, or others might have done, with regard, to you.  All those thoughts and things, floating around within you, clear them out.  Free The Way.  For, My love flows to each of you, in an equal way.  But to feel it, you must connect with Me.  Even though it is flowing, the connection is important.  Open.  Free yourself.  Open to Me.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       A good way to see, so you might believe, love is flowing, from God to thee, is to consider how electricity is used, in your home, the place where you dwell.  The electricity, even though it is available, cannot be used until you connect with the outlet.  The light will not come on until the plug is inserted in the outlet.  And then, the electricity connects, and the light comes on, and the room is no longer dark.  The electricity is there.  But you must connect to feel it, to use it, to see it.  And this is the same with the powerful energy of God.  It is there.  Connect.


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