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April 17, 2023



      With the coming of day, and night lingers no more, you rise to see what is in store.  And within the energy of rising, without delay, in prayer, welcome day.  For this day, which comes unto you, is a gift, and is waiting to see what you will do.  As you work, and as you play, remember the treasure that is this day, new with you.  Every day is such, My child, each day waiting, just for you.  Embrace the gift, with enthusiasm and delight, and come the night you will remember all the gift did bring to you, and whisper, “Thank you,” closing your eyes to journey into night.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       Let freedom be the key for this new day, singing, dancing, as you work, and as you play.  For you are not held in place, a prisoner of what has been.  You are as free as the birds, flying above.  You hold the key.  Use it.  Unlock any door, which you have closed, and come with Me, to see, what it is, you are meant, to see,


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