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April 18, 2023



      My child, I AM calling you.  The whisper wells up, from within you.  I AM calling.  I whisper, and you hear.  I speak, and you know.  The whisper, the hearing, the speaking, the knowing, each is touching you, traveling with you, wherever you are going.  You cannot be lost, or alone, for I AM, within you, speaking, whispering, guiding you, all The Way Home.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       Breathe deeply.  Be still.  Do not let worry, doubt, or concern grow within you.  Open to that, which is, with you.  For, that, which is, with you, within you, is truth.  I was sent to dwell, within you, each of you, so that you might be taught, by God, from within.  Go there.  Traverse the corridors of your inner being.  Open the chamber door.  Look and see.  Listen and hear.  Your lifetime, upon Earth, does not need to be harried or saturated, with pain and tears.  I AM calling, from within.  Be still.  Listen.  The truth is waiting, and it is waiting, within.