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April 19, 2023


      To hear Me clearly one must be aware of the energies, which float on the air, carrying darkness and shadow, wherever they go.  As you make your way through the day, stop, and check, and cast away, all spirits of darkness and shadow, all unclean spirits.  They can invade your thoughts, tempting you to do, or say, that which you would otherwise reject, and send away.  It is like dusting your home or sweeping debris from the floor.  You do not dust, or sweep one time, then nevermore.  Treat your inner being with respect, safeguarding your being from these intruders, which seek your energy.  They seek to take from you.  They do not seek to give light, or bring truth, to you.  Cast them from you.  Use My light to illuminate all shadows and darkness.  Be vigilant.  Hear Me speaking, from within you, for, My words are The Light, and they will bring wisdom to those who have ears to hear.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       Believe, and know, I AM with you, wherever you go.