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April 20, 2023



      Be mindful, and do not permit anger to consume your day, your night, any time at all.  Soothe the boiling pain within by sitting with Me.  For as we talk, the hurts will slip away, and you will begin to see anew, with the eyes of your soul.  Whatever is stirring within you, will come out of the shadows to sit with you.  We will see from whence the anger came, and by whispering My name it will shatter and fall.  Why the anger?  Why the pain?  By acknowledging it you bring it to The Light.  And within the safety of My Light the source will be revealed, and together we will forgive all which tormented you.  All will be blessed, as a lesson, and released as clean.  One thing more I ask of you.  Sit with me, even after the forgiving, the blessing of the lesson, and the releasing.  Be still with Me, for a while.  Do not hurry away.  Be quiet and stay.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       Anger is a heavy burden.  Set it down.  But do not walk away, until you can say, “that which burdened me is forgiven.”