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April 21, 2023


      Do not allow anger to seethe, inside you, for it will be the bringer of pain and sickness, and other maladies.  It will find its way into the recesses of your body, and there, it will stay, until the day, you cast it away.  Let today be the day wherein you call forth the agents of anger, dwelling within thee.  See them, call them by name, and using My name cast them from thee.  Once this is done, forgive.  Forgive and bless.  Forgive and live.  Live free of anger, evermore.  Be vigilant so to hear it knocking on the door.  And in the vigilance and recognition of the dark energy it is, do not give it safe harbor in your thoughts.  Reject it outright, and then, come the sweetness of night, you will sleep, in peace, with angels surrounding your bed.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       Recognize anger for the poison it is.  Refuse to take it into your being.  In the rejection of anger, seek truth.  Truth will reveal what is hidden from view.  Truth will summon and enlighten; and out of the darkness, anger, and its cohorts, will come.  You will see them as they are; and in the seeing, you will know the source of the anger tempting you.  Seek truth.  Use it as a beacon, a lamp, a light, which will show you The Way.


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