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April 22, 2023


      I AM not in a far away place.  I AM within you.  At the core of your being, you will find Me.  There is no need to seek guidance, or instruction, from all those around you, to thumb through the pages of a book you feel might hold your answer.  The answer, all the answers, are within you.  And it is a solitary venue.  There is the temptation not to seek within, out of fear, and doubt, that you do not know where to begin, or that you cannot trust The Whisper, from within.  And I say to you, “Where do you place your trust?”  When you journey within often, you know My whisper, you recognize My voice.  You know the sound of Me, as I know thee.  There can be no mistaking it.  When I call My child, My child recognizes My voice.  Do not squander what time you have left upon Earth, by refusing to go within to sit with Me, to listen, and hear the answers, which are expressly for thee.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       When there are many children on a playground, it does not matter what game they are playing, they stop, and listen, when they hear the sound, of their name, being called.  And they look around, expecting to see their parent, or one who is trusted to guard over them.  And the same applies to your Eternal Parent.  When you sit with God enough, you know who is calling you, from within.  And you stop, focusing your attention on the world, around you, and you hurry to the door, and down the corridors within, to say, “Here I am.  You called.  I come.  I am here.”