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April 2, 2022



      With one thought, of feeding many, if you say, yes, you will, it shall be done.  It shall be done, and you will be given The Way to make it so.  With one thought!  For, that one thought is, as a seed, planted, within you.  If you hold the seed, and say, yes, yes becomes as water, nurturing the seed, planted within the fertile ground, of you.  And that one seed, that one thought, to feed many, grows into a tree, inside of you.  And from that tree, falls the fruit, showing what to do, how to do, when to do.  Do not neglect the seed, planted, within you.  For, from that thought, to feed many, shall spring forth The Way, when you say, yes, I will do.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       When you have a thought, to do good, do not hesitate, to move forward, binging that thought into an action.  That good thought, to help many, is inside of you, for a reason.  Do not let hesitation block the progress that you can make, when the thought comes: feed many, clothe many, house many, teach many, heal many.  These thoughts are not random.  They are seeds, waiting to grow, into the tree of plenty, within you, abundance for many, within you.  When you hear it, when the whisper sounds, within you, it is the call, it is the summon.  Rise-up, and say, yes, and you will see the miracles, coming to life, all around you, because you heard the whisper, and you answered, yes.