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April 1, 2022


      Rise-up, ye sons and daughters, living upon the Earth.  Rise-up, celebrating your worth.  Rise-up, in the knowing, that life is eternal; and, this piece, of eternity, you are experiencing, now, while you are upon the Earth, is an important piece.  Do not wait for celebration.  Do not postpone, or stand, in hesitation.  Rise-up, and claim, all that is yours, now, today.  There is no need for you to feel alone.  Call Me.  Call on Me, and I will answer your prayer.  The Holy Spirit, My Spirit, has been sent to dwell, within you, so that you are taught, every step of The Way, with every breath you take.  Step into this right.  It is yours.  I will answer, and from within, you will know.  Let the glory shine through you, in all you think, and say, and do.  For, it is time, to rise-up, and be.  Be.  Believe.  Know.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       It cannot be repeated enough.  And it will not cease being repeated, until you fully accept, who you are, an eternal being, walking upon the Earth, here for a while, on this Earth, this place you are calling home.  And I AM with you.  If you have a question, stop, be still, and ask, and wait.  For, the whisper will rise-up, from within you.  And it will kiss your ears, with the truth of it.  And your heart will dance, with the joy of it.  And your spirit will expand, grow, bring you wherever the spirit is meant to take you, so that your body will cooperate, and be happy in the doing of it, because it is time to rise-up, and celebrate, the knowing, of who you are.