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March 31, 2022



      The stars, and the moon, shine, in the sky, bringing light, to the night; and you see, and you know, they are there.  But then come the storms, and the rain, and the clouds; and the stars, and the moon, seem not to be there, but they are.  And when the clouds move by, you see, and you know, the stars, and the moon, in the sky.  The sun shines from the sky, all through the day, bringing light, wherever you go.  You feel the sun, and you see the sun, and you know.  Yet, there are days, when the clouds roll in, and the rain doth fall, and the storms do whip, and move, and blow.  And it seems that the sun is no longer there, bringing light to that below.  But then, the storms pass, the rain ceases.  The clouds part, and there, is the sun, once again, bringing light, to that below.  Do not forget My presence, with you.  Whenever things seem stormy, and you feel a bit down, I AM, with you.  Call on Me, and through the difficult time, you will know, I AM, with thee.  You will remember and know.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       Sometimes you are tempted to welcome doubt, with questions, anxiety, fear.  But one thing, should remain, and remain clear.  No matter how dark, or challenging, your day might be, I AM always present.  Move away the cobwebs, the dust, and debris, which accompany doubt, and anxiety, and fear.  And, as you push them aside, it will be clear, that I AM there, with you.  Remember.  Call Me.