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April 4, 2022



      Human beings have created many ways to measure: measuring sticks, measuring tapes, using your hands, using your pace, measuring cups, varying ways, to measure.  Today, I wish for you to set aside your measuring stick, of judgment.  Do not bring it out, for any reason.  If someone is driving, too fast, if someone annoys you, in any way, if a thought of an incident, or occurrence, pops into your mind, if a name of someone, comes to you, reminding you, of any unpleasant exchange, whatever comes to you, tempting you, to use your measuring stick, of judgment, resist the temptation.  Rather than use the measuring stick, of judgment, when you are faced, with these things, bless.  No matter how difficult it might be, at first: bless the one driving, too fast; bless the one, who is annoying you; bless all reminders, that pop into your thoughts.  Spend the day blessing, rather than cursing, with judgment.  Come the end of the day, your smile, will be bright, your thoughts, will be clear, and you will know, that you just learned something, that you can hold close, hold dear.  It is the practice of blessing, rather than cursing.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       And while you spend this day, practicing the art, of blessing, rather than cursing, remember, to check your words, and deeds, and thoughts, so that you are not tempting someone, into judgment, of you.  Be courteous, thoughtful, and kind, in all you do, in all you say, in all you think.  And in this way, your practice, will be completely yours.  It will be a gift, you give all, at the end of day.  It will be a gift, you offer, to God, all throughout the day.