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August 12, 2022



      The sunrise can be breathtaking, especially when you see the sun over a mountain, a sun rising, over a body of water.  It is the signal of a new day.  And it is a time, many set, to rise-up, and see.  And in the seeing, of the rising, of the sun, the light of the sun, touches you, and you, and the sun, are one.  When you lean over a pool, of water, and look down, you will often see a reflection, of your face, in the pool of water.  When you wade, into the water, no matter whether you choose to float, or frolic, you are within the water.  You, and the water, are one.  There are degrees of oneness, but it is all one.  Know your degree, and once you have seen the reflection, wade into the pool.  Play in the water, and you will have moved from a reflection to the being one.  You no longer sit, at the edge, of the pool, you are within the pool.  And you feel the water touching your arms, and your legs.  My son, My daughter, it is all one.  Begin to explore one.  You can find it in nature, all around you.  Look, and behold, and be one.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       There are degrees of oneness, which you can realize, in different proportions, all through your life, upon the Earth.  You can look at the beauty of an apple, growing in a tree.  You can admire it.  You know it is with you, and you are with the tree.  There is oneness there.  But, when you eat the apple, you, and the apple, become one.  When you drink the glass, of refreshing water, you, and the water, have become one.  It does not matter whether it is you, walking into the body of water, to become one; or, you, taking in a glass of water, becoming one.  Find your degree, of oneness, and explore it, and move into it, and see it.  Know the reflection.  Know the reality.  And therein, you will begin to understand eternity.