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August 11, 2022



      I wish for you to know My ways, for My ways will not lead you into conflict.  They will teach you of peace.  My ways will not lead you into anger.  They will teach you love.  My ways will not lead you into doubt.  They will teach you the knowing.  My ways will not lead you into fear.  They will teach you courage and strength.  My way will lead you to be confident, in all you do, because you will come to understand that I AM with you, and that My ways will bring you all that you need, to accomplish the goal, and come Home.

And The Holy Spirit says:

      No decision needs to be difficult, when you are listening, to the words of God.  Watch for the signs.  Receive the messages, even when it does not make sense, at the time; because that, which you cannot see, is seen, and known, by God.  And so, as you receive the messages, and read the signs, even though you do not know, you will know what God knows, as it is revealed to you, with each step you take.  Do not concern yourself.  Do not fall into worry.  Listen.  Watch for the signs, hear the messages, and you will walk The Way, in peace.