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August 13, 2022



      Creation continues, and it starts in your thoughts.  And as you think, and wish, and pray, your thoughts grow, in intensity.  That, which you create, in your thought, comes to life, when you speak it.  So, be mindful, of your thoughts, for, within your thought there is the seed.  And when you speak it, or act upon your thoughts, the seed springs forth, and it blossoms, and grows.  Check any thought about another, which is not good and noble, because when you are thinking ill of another, you are cursing another.  Even though it has not left your thought, it is present.  It goes to the other.  You must bless it, so it does not impact another.  And when you speak it, it is brought more fully into the dimension.  And there it is, your creation, fully grown.  And it goes out from you to do your bidding, your will.  Let your will be of good, noble words and deeds.  Do not curse another.  Bless all others, and all around you, with a mindful presence.  Go, into the world, and do good.

 And The Holy Spirit says:

       Your thoughts should be cherished.  They are precious.  Guard your thoughts.  Do not let negative energy slip into your thoughts.  Do not slide into darkness and shadow, within your thoughts, because there, where no one can see, you are creating, and your creation moves into eternity.  It is invisible, unseen by the human eye.  But that, which you create, within your thought, is powerful.  Create good.  Speak kind words.  Perform noble deeds.  Check yourself, if you are thinking, or saying, or doing, anything less than this, and your life will be glorious, and peaceful.  Be mindful of that, which you are creating, within your thoughts.