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August 14, 2022



      “I AM with you.  Another day, one more day, you have, to walk, upon the Earth.  Pay attention, today, to what comes your way, and embrace it.  Revel, in it, or learn, from it.  Whatever, comes to you, is yours.  Accept it.  Do not waste the day.  Be mindful, today.  Do not look away, from that, which comes to you, today.  Embrace it, and you will grow with it, and in it.  And, the next step you take, will be more sure, than the last you took, and confidence will grow, within you, as you master all that comes to you.                


        “Do not overlook the power of silence, quiet, stillness. 

       “When you sit, silently, after a while, you begin to hear things, you did not hear before.  For, in the silence, they come.  You are not distracted, by noise, or talking, or singing.  The silence brings you more.  When you sit, with God, in silence, after a while, you feel The Presence of God, with you, profoundly.  When you are silent, you hear, The Words of God.  In the stillness, you know, The Way.  It is calm.  Chaos cannot interrupt your communion, with God, when it done in this way.  Most often, prayers end up being a litany, of that which you want, or that which you will.  And often, the prayers end up being a petition, that someone else bend to your will, what you think is best.  And after a while, the prayer tends to get jumbled-up.  But, when you are silent, sitting with God, the answer will fill you.  You will know, what to do.  And since it came directly, from The Wisdom of God, when you rise-up, to do that which you are guided to do, there is no doubt, plaguing you, because the answer came to you, in silence, sitting with God.”