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August 14, 2022



      I will never turn away from you.  Do the same.  I will love you, no matter what you do.  Do the same.  I have given you free will, to make choices, and decisions, on your own.  Do the same.  I gather the displaced, and the wounded, within My arms.  Do the same.  I AM Love.  You are loved.  Do the same.

 And The Holy Spirit says:

       If you will drop your defenses, and sit with God, quiet, and still, and listen, you will hear The Voice of Love.  There will be, no contradiction, because God is Love.  So, as God speaks, each word, each phrase is infused, naturally, with The Love of God.  The more you sit with God, in the atmosphere of God’s Love, the more you absorb God’s Love, into your being.  And after a while, when your body is full, of The Love of God, your spirit, and your body, are as one.  For, they are one.  You wear your body as a cloak, something wrapped around your spirit.  And you understand this more, and more, as you sit, with God, in silence, more, and more.  Be still, and let, The Love of God permeate your body.  And, when you rise-up, you will rise-up, spirit, first.