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August 15, 2022



      All, which I created, is still moving, still flowing.  That energy, that creation, will never die.  The present piece, of the eternal, is with you, now.  You are living it.  You are living in it.  You are it.  Slow your pace, today, and look around.  Notice, what is happening, because it is creation, unfolding all around you.  Breathe, in the air, and breathe, deeply.  You are breathing creation.  Creation is within you.  You are within creation.  It is all one.  And while you might not comprehend, the entirety of it, you can comprehend what is happening around you, right now.  Open, your eyes, and see.  It is eternity unfolding, as you unfold within it.  Live today.  Breathe deeply.  Walk slowly.  Speak softly.  You are creation.  Look, around you, and live.

 And The Holy Spirit says:

      While you are in human form, it can be a challenge, to comprehend a creation which does not end.  It just keeps going, growing, folding, unfolding, enfolding, but moving, and eternal energy that has life.  And you are in that flow, right now.  Feel it.  It is the stream of eternity, and you are within it, now.  Look around and see it.  Breathe it.  Be it.  For, you are an eternal being.  Be it.