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August 19, 2022



      When the words, of another, seem as if they are growing in intensity, close to aggressive, tempting you to react in kind, be still, be quiet.  They are literally giving you a piece of their mind.  And as the words flow, getting louder, and louder, listen; but go into the words.  Go beneath their skin.  See, where the words have been, in turmoil, held within the chamber that is, within them.  Listen to the words.  Listen so you might know, what is on their heart, in their thoughts.  You are not bound to react.  It is better to act in My Light.  For there, I will hold you, as you listen, and learn, and refrain, from reacting, to each angry phrase, or word.

 And The Holy Spirit says:

       Before an argument, containing two, is the result of what is being said to you, stop, do not speak.  You are not bound to speak, or answer, in any way.  Resist the temptation, to react, to the angry words they say.  Be still.  Act, in The Light of God, and be still.  It is not necessary for you to prove anything, or state your position, in any way.  For, after a while, they will be tired of arguing, on their own.  And the words will cease, and the energy quiet, and then, you will pray on what they did say, so you know their heart, their thoughts, their mind.  And in that understanding, because you did not react, The Divine will move, and it will all be swept away.  And come the night, you will feel confident that, yes, you can master the words you say.