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August 20, 2022



      When the fog sits atop the sea, it is difficult to peer through the wall, into the lap of the fog, to see, what is coming toward thee.  But then, come the signs, the clanging of bells, the foghorn.  These notices come to you, through the fog, and you know, and you wait.  Then come lights, once held in dimness, in the lap of the fog, begin to shine brighter, then brighter.  And soon, there is illumination, from within the fog.  And finally, a vessel cuts through the curtain of fog.  And there it is, a massive ship, carrying passengers, from one place to another.  That, which is held, within the fog, will announce its coming, by signs, and signals, and messages.  Be still, and wait.  For, the bells will clang, and the horns will sound, and the lights will illuminate, where once you could not see.  And then, the mystery, held within the fog, will reveal itself to thee.

 And The Holy Spirit says:

       There will be times, when your ordinary life, your time upon the Earth, will receive a message.  It might come as a surprise.  You might not see it coming, at all.  But you hear the call, from deep within you.  And as you listen, in stillness, the call becomes more than a whisper, and you hear, and you know.  And in the knowing, comes the illumination, where there had once been shadow, or darkness.  And with the illumination, and the clanging of the bells, and the sounding of the horn, there, before you, is a great vessel.  It holds the destiny, the mystery, the clues, and the answers, all in one.  Because, when the day is done, and your experience complete, you will be ready to step aboard the vessel, and go, where you are to go, do what you are to do, and speak the words you are to say.  Sounds.  Symbols.  Light. Illumination.  Destiny.  Complete.