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August 21, 2022




      “I AM with you.  All of Heaven is with you, waiting to see what you will do, with the day, set before you.  Whatever is yours to do, today, rise up, and do it.  Do it, without fear.  Do, as you are led to do, and before you know it, it will be night, and time to rest from that of the day.  Do not delay, when the day is with you, for the day passes, without waiting.  It moves, with the wind, and continues, into eternity, waiting for no one.          


       “Some days move comfortably, with no apparent danger to the course set before you.  But then, there are the days, which appear to be riddled with pits, and chasms.  These days require faith, trust, courage, and inner strength.  They appear as risky choices, but are they?

        “If you know, you are in the company of angels, if you know, you are in the hands of God, if you know, I am walking beside you, if you know, The Holy Spirit is guiding, teaching, and counseling you, why do you fear?  There is a difference between hoping it is so, believing it is so, and knowing it is so.  To reach the knowing, you must first rise up, in trust, and take the first step, onto a foreboding bridge, or staircase.  Wherever The Whisper, from within, is leading you, that is where you are to go.  But, you might ask, ‘How do I know The Whisper is God, or The Holy Spirit?’  Ah, therein lies the question, and the answer.  It requires practice. 

        “When a family member, or a dear friend, calls your name from another room, you recognize their voice, before you see them.  Even unseen, you know who is calling you, because you have spent so much time in their company.  The sound of their voice is not new to you.  You have heard it for years.  It is familiar.  And, when you have spoken to God for years, when you have listened to The Voice of God for years, you will recognize The Whisper.  And the same applies to The Holy Spirit of God, dwelling within you.

        “Draw nearer to God, revel in The Holy Spirit, dwelling within you, and doubt will not plague you.  Watch, for the signs.  Wait, for the messages.  Listen, for The Whisper.  And when it comes to you, rise up, and do, that which you are led to do.  You will walk, without hesitation, because you will know The Voice, and you will know you are in the company of angels.  Walk on My brother, My sister, fear not.  All of Heaven is with you.  I AM with you.”