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August 21, 2022



      See yourself standing at the edge of a chasm, so deep you cannot see the bottom.  The hot, sandy desert is behind you.  A worn, rickety bridge spans the chasm, before you, showing the way to a lush land, green with fruit trees, and nut trees, grassy meadows, stretching as far as the eye can see.  But to get to the other side, where all is rich, and lush, and peaceful, you must take the walk, you must step onto the bridge. The very idea of doing it feels risky.  Three laughing children come out of the sands of the desert, running onto the bridge, without a care, reaching the other side, with startling alacrity, as if carried on the wings of angels.  And they are.  So are you.  Step onto the bridge, cross over the chasm, and revel in the green, lush pastures of that which is set before you.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       Even when the path, stretching before you, is worn, and rundown, from use, do not hesitate to go wherever you are called.  When The Whisper, from within, beckons, rise up and go, without fear, for you are in the company of angels, and they will lift you up on their wings, and bring you Home.