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August 22, 2022




      Not knowing, what to do about something, can make you nervous, and anxious.  Trying to make a decision, or a choice, when you are not sure of the decision, or the choice, can make you nervous, anxious, upset your stomach, bring on a weariness that is difficult to describe.  Before your encounter such dilemmas, make it a practice to sit quietly, go within, know how to ask, know how to receive your answers, from The Holy Spirit, dwelling within you.  When the time comes, you will be ready, and you will find that there is resurrection, from the debris of doubt, concern, anxiety, because held in that resurrection, will be the words of The Holy Spirit.  And the words will guide you, and show you The Way, through the decision-making process, so that the choice made, is one of wisdom.

 And The Holy Spirit says:

       Come, and sit, with Me, and My breath will flow through thee.  And My breath will sweep away the cobwebs, and the debris, so that you might hear, clearly, that, which I AM saying to thee.  And even though it comes, in a whisper, or a feeling, you will know, and you will be prepared to rise up, and respond, to the world around you.  And the decision will be good, and the choice will be just perfect, for you.  For, this is why I dwell, within you, so that you walk The Way, upon the Earth, knowing you are not alone.  You are surrounded, by many, from your Eternal Home.  And all together, no matter how far you roam, on the Earth, your journey will be good.  You will know The Ways of God.  Life will unfold, as it is meant to be.  You will meet your destiny, and it will be a glorious one.  Know I AM, within you.  Open to The Ways of God, and it shall be done.