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August 18, 2022



      Listen to the wind.  Listen to the messages, carried upon the wind.  For, the wind is speaking, and singing, for you.  It will continue, carrying the messages, speaking, and singing.  Even if you ignore the wind, it follows you.  All of My creation is, as a symphony, playing for you.  Do not walk into walls, which close nature out, and sit, and be content, therein, when you could be riding upon the wind.

 And The Holy Spirit says:

       When you walk out, into nature, you are within the creation of God.  You are a creation of God, but you: distance yourself from nature, so often; close yourself behind a locked door; and, study things that people have known before, when all that is new, is waiting for you, beyond that door.  It is held within the wind, and the wind is speaking, and singing, and beckoning you to come, and learn something, that is new.


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