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August 17, 2022



      Light.  Light has been with Me, from the beginning.  It is.  It was.  It permeates all of My creation.  There is light at the core, of all creation.  And there is light at the core, of you.  My Spirit dwells, within you.  Do not ignore The Light, The Spirit, within you, tending to the body, the physical, which will fall from you, and there, will be the revelation, of your Light, for your Light is you.  Your eternal body is of The Light, which has been with Me, for all time.  All, that you create, can be infused, with The Light that is, within you.  So, do not hurry through that which you are creating, that which will be known, as coming from you.  Be patient, and quiet, and through the day, and through the night, infuse your creation, infuse it, with The Light.

 And The Holy Spirit says:

       Do not be in such a hurry, to create something, for you are creating something, in all you do, throughout the day.  But, in doing, all you do throughout the day, are you infusing, all you do, with The Light, that comes from you?  It takes intention to do this.  The Light can be held, within the food you cook.  The Light can be held, in the words of the book, you are writing.  The Light can be infused in all things you create.  You are continuing a creation, and the creation is, of The Light.  Be in the world, most assuredly.  You are upon the Earth, and you are living, in the world, but do so, as the being, infusing the world, with The Light.