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August 24, 2023





The vibration, the tone, the sound, it is all there.  Nature surrounds you with My Song of Creation.  Space vibrates and shimmers with My Song of Creation.  The seas, and oceans, even deserts of sand, vibrate, within the realm of creation.  Do you see My eyes, in the fleeting, flight of the bird?  Do you hear My voice, in the sound of The Wind?  Be still, and be, with Me, in all creation.

 And The Holy Spirit says:

           Yes.  Come.  Flow into My chamber, which is within you.  Once you set the destination, it is.  For you have the gift of freewill.  You can choose.  You can accept or refuse.  But, when we sit together you will come to understand the gift, the accepting, and the refusing, in a different light, and that light shall illuminate The Way.

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