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August 25, 2023



          I AM the only constant.  I reach out, gathering you, within My Presence, which is constant with you.  There is not one person, living amongst you now, who can promise to be with you every second, minute, and hour, of every day.  Yet, that is My promise to you.  I AM with you, forever.  There is no place you can go, that I AM not there, with you.  Talk with Me.  Let the whisper flow from your heart, and fill the corridors of all time, and I will hear it.  No matter what comes to you today, I AM with you.

 And The Holy Spirit says:

           There are those amongst you who doubt My presence within them, and within you.  They have not yet made the time to be still and quiet, and seek the answer, regarding My presence, within.  But there are those amongst you who not only believe in My presence, within, by faith, but know of My presence, within, by experience.  One cannot read this into fruition.  One cannot study this into fruition.  My presence, within, is a gift; and the knowing of it is a gift of grace, which opened the heart, spirit, and soul, in such a way to accept, and embrace the settling knowing of My presence, within,