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August 29, 2023


          When words of rejection pierce your heart as an arrow, I will heal the wound with the balm of My love for you.  This is not an empty promise.  It is the pouring out of My longing to hold you, My child, within My embrace, and wipe all pain from your being.  Your body might weep, but your spirit holds the wisdom of truth.  It is from your spirit your sight is illuminated, and you see, with the eyes of your soul.  You are no longer locked in the combat of words, hurling rejection, or anger toward others.  For, you shall see from whence the hurt does come.  The angry scream out from the rejection, hurt, and boiling anger inside.  This I will show you, so you might bless and forgive that which you could not bring yourself to bless and forgive, before.

 And The Holy Spirit says:

           Be washed in the healing waters of God’s love for you.  And bask in the sacred release of all such things, which harm you, in any way, at all.  Allow your spirit to come forth, from within your physical form, and speak from the soul.  Speak, and it is so.