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December 13, 2021



      You might not notice that your ways have become curt, abrasive, hurried, even frenzied, and loud, until you find a place that is quiet, and still, and silent.  And then, you will notice.  In this place of peace, you will have the opportunity: to change, curtness into kindness; to change, abrasive ways, into understanding and accepting ways; to change, hurried and frenzied, to calm and serene; to change, loud into quiet.  And coming with these changes, will be the crown of humility.  And this crown of humility, as you wear it, will remind you, remind you of the change, you made, in the space that was quiet, and still, and silent.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       It is good practice, to take inventory, of the ways you have slipped into, day following day, days adding up to months, months adding up to years, where certain habits have slipped in, certain habits which need to disappear.  Take the time, to set yourself aside, to make this, “taking of inventory,” a sacred practice, in which you learn, in which you change, in which you grow, in The Ways of God.