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December 14, 2021



      There might come the time, when that, which I ask of you, seems too difficult, extraordinary, even impossible, to you.  And it is in these times, while I AM asking of you, that you must remember, I will not ask you to do something you cannot do; for, I wish the glory to be seen, in that, which you do.  Therefore, before you say, “no,” or give it a half-hearted attempt, remember, the task is, your golden opportunity, to know, what I will do, through you.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       Hold your head up, and sing, when it seems that life does bring, to you, an impossible task, to do, for that is the time, that God will reveal, to you, and all who will look and see, what He is willing to do, through you.  Let the miracles flow, through you, so others, too, might know, what God might do, through you.  And then, in this way, believe that God will do the same, through them.  It is revelation.  Embrace the opportunity, to know God, better.