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December 15, 2021



      There is not one mountain peak, that is more majestic than you.  There is not one ocean, one body of water, that is grander than you.  There is not one valley, that is more glorious than you.  There is not one song, of the bird, that is more uplifting than you.  There is not one thing, upon the Earth, which I have created, that is more loved, by Me, than you.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       It is something, of which you do not think about, very often, and that something is, how much you are loved, by God.  Love, in the physical form, can be fickle, and fail, and fall from you.  It is true that there might be someone, who loves you one day, and turns from you another.  But there is one thing, of which, you can be certain.  God always loves you.  And if you are a parent, and you have created a child, you have some idea of how constant, and unconditional, your love, for that child, is.  And that is small, in comparison, to the depth of God’s love, for you.  So, as you make it through this day, remind yourself, along The Way, that God loves you, unconditionally, in all ways.