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December 16, 2021



      Look for ways to understand that: all is one, be as one.  You read these words, you hear these words, you think you know these words, ‘be as one,’ but there is much for you to learn.  So, seek out, this day, the ways that Earth will show you oneness.  Stand on a bridge over a river.  Look down.  You can take a cup of water, from the river, and the river is still one.  You can empty the cup, back into the river, and the river is still one.  You can watch the river flow, and notice, that over to the side, there might be a place, where water flows in, and circles around, and around, before it rejoins the journey of the river, once again.  Yet, it is always part of the river.  Each droplet of water is part of the river.  Each droplet of water holds within it, the same qualities as the river.  They are one.  The riverbed holds the river, and the river holds the drops of water, without knowing where one drop starts, and one drop ends.  It is all one with the river, as it moves over rocks, and around the bends.

And The Holy Spirit says

       Oneness can be difficult to comprehend, while you are upon the Earth, yet there are many ways that it can be explained to you, as you walk upon the Earth.  You feel the wind.  You feel the breeze.  Yet it is difficult to separate the wind or the breeze.  It is all one.  And when each little current, each puff of air, joins the wind, when it sings with the breeze, each is one, with both of these.  And, so it is, with you.  You are one with God.


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