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December 17, 2021



      When you are the recipient of, what you feel is, bad news, do not react to this information.  Sit with it, for a while, and ask this question.  “What is this information teaching me, what is knocking at my door, that is important, for me to know?”  When you ask this question, you will most often find, that what you thought was bad news, could be more clearly defined, as valuable information, something from which you can learn, and grow wiser, in your ways.

And The Holy Spirit says:

      Do not turn your head, from something you label as bad news, because after you sit with this, what you call, bad news, you will most often find, that it is a sign: a sign for change; a sign of the possibility of growing; a sign that you have taken the wrong turn, and need to rearrange your schedule, adjust your calendar, mend the list you have prepared.  Take the information, and grow, with it.  The truth is, there is no bad news, it is information, which you use, to grow, in The Ways of God.