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December 18, 2021



      I created Earth, and while it appears to be complete, it is not.  You are upon the Earth, now; and each of you, upon the Earth, has a mission, a contribution, to make to what Earth is meant to be: the atmosphere, the spirit, the environment of Earth, the energy of Earth.  What shall it become?  I tell you, it will become, through each of you, what you are thinking, and saying, and what you are willing to do, to bring Earth to a place of peace, where the vibration is rich, and pure.  Right now, you have the opportunity to co-create the completion of Earth.  Each of you is creating, with every thought, word, and deed.  Let it be that My words speak through thee, to that which I wish for Earth to become, becomes your goal, as well.  You are creating.  You are adding to My creation.  We are co-creating Earth, right now.  As this day unfolds, bless the Earth, so it sings, with My voice.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       Pick up the banner, and hold, it high.  Let the wind carry the words emblazoned on your banner.  The Earth is precious.  And as you walk upon her, now, let all know, around you, that you do so for The Glory of God, for the spirit of Earth, for every tree, brook, valley, stone, ocean, desert, and every person.  Let Earth be moving, in space, singing the songs, showing the face, of beauty, abundance, gratitude, and thanksgiving.