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December 13, 2023



          Come to Me when your heart is melting; and come to Me when it is full.  For, just as we can sit in silence, it is just as easy for us to soar.  We are not limited to any one thing.  So just as we sit, we can fly, we can sing.  No matter what your situation, you will be with Me, forever and ever more.  No matter where you go, there I AM.  I AM always close to you, even when you run from Me, even when you ignore Me.  I know thee because you come from Me.  That is set, for it is truth, and shall always be, never changing.  What can change is how much you know Me; and it is possible for you to know Me, as I know thee.  The path to that relationship is communication, drawing Me into everything about thee, connecting with Me because you choose that it be so.

 And The Holy Spirit says:

           God knows everything there is to know about you.  But how well do you know God?  The only way to know another is to speak your heart with them, and to listen to that which they are saying, from their heart.  This is sharing from a physical, emotional, and spiritual level.  Seek this relationship with your Eternal Parent.  God will always listen, then take your hand, and guide you onto The Path of Wisdom in all things, in all ways.  God is with you, always.