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December 19, 2021



      In a time, when most of you are making preparation, to celebrate Christmas, I would like you to take some time, to be still, and remember.  Remember, a young woman, barely old enough, to be more than a child.  Remember, the angelic apparition, telling her, that God had touched her, to bring forth The Child, and The Holy Spirit would make this all possible.  Remember, this very tender, young woman, listening to what an angel told her, putting everything at risk.  Because the message, from the angel, was so compelling, she said, “Yes,” and rose to the occasion.  A man was visited, in a dream, by an angel, and the angel was asking the man to do something, which would put him at risk, and at the very least, bring him ridicule, from those around him.  But the message, from that angel, was so compelling, that the man, put everything at risk, and rose to the occasion.  As you prepare to celebrate, Christmas, think, and pray, and ponder, on the young woman, and the man, who risked all, to comply, with the message, of an angel.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       When the unexpected, appears before you, embrace the opportunity, to rise to the occasion.